I need to stop neglecting this blog, I really do. But this time I (sort of) have an excuse – I’ve been waiting for some things to ‘happen’ and I’m finally at the stage where I feel like I can reveal almost all….

So: here we go. My big ol’announcement post.  All along the theme of YouTube – something I’d never have guessed would be a key thing in my life a year ago, but hey!

FIRST UP: I’ve had an article published on matterz.co.uk – read it here. It’s an interview with the lovely Alex Day, who I’ve spoken to a couple of times now – seems to be a bit of a running theme these days….

Secondly: My friend Natalie and I have started up a YouTube channel of our own! It’s aptly named A Quick Cup Of Tea – something which suits my tea-drinking habits rather well & you can find us on YouTube (obviously), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr…I don’t think I’ve missed any, have I!? If you’re a new YouTuber, we’d love to here from you. We’re always, always up for chatting to new people, collaborating & generally helping each other out.

I was going to add an “AND FINALLY” to this, but I’m still waiting to hear back from someone…so I think this will have to be a bit of a cliffhanger…

But yes – to sum up – interview with Alex Day HERE, watch our YouTube videos (and laugh at me a little bit) HERE… and watch this space for more news!

L xx